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Mobiltemp 78


Mobiltemp Series greases are high performance clay-thickened products designed for the lubrication of plain and antifriction bearings operating at low speed and high temperature or under cycling conditions from ambient to high temperatures. These greases use a clay thickener, which, unlike traditional soap thickeners, do not soften at high temperatures. They are based on a high quality, high viscosity mineral oil and are specially formulated to provide: low volatility and excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, resistance to water washout and good anti-wear performance under heavy loads and low speeds. Mobiltemp 1 and 78 are NLGI Grade 1 greases, and Mobiltemp 2 is an NLGI 2 Grade. Mobiltemp 78 also contains molybdenum disulphide for added anti-wear protection.

Mobiltemp Series greases are particularly suited for high temperature applications, and are very resistant to water or steam contamination. These greases have excellent resistance to changes in consistency under both high temperature and cyclic conditions of heating and cooling. Even with severe working under such conditions, they will not soften or harden significantly. Because they use low volatility base oils, these greases resist hardening when the grease is held at high temperatures for long periods. Mobiltemp Series greases have excellent resistance to water washing and, under humid conditions, can absorb about its own weight of water without any major change in structure or consistency. Mobiltemp Series have good flow properties and can be used with centralised grease systems down to 10ºC, even with long distribution lines. With its additional anti-wear additization, Mobiltemp 78 is particularly suitable for the lubrication of sliding machine elements subject to limited or slow motion or shock loading.

With their excellent track record of superior performance in critical high temperature applications, Mobiltemp Series greases have become the products of choice for users around the world.


Producto Grado SAE
Mobiltemp 78 1


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